Blackberry Blade will be released

I always wondering what gonna RIM do when their phone cannot be sold like before. Yes they will make another great idea like before. But we will never know ether their new idea can be accepted by the market or not. Now I am waiting for the release date of

Blackberry Blade Release date:

We have some information that RIM will release their latest phone called Blackberry Blade. When will it be released? Yes, we will give you an update as soon as possible when we got the correct information of Blackberry Blade release date. Some people also said that the features of Blackberry Blade is too good to be true, so we will see this year, is it too good or to difficult for RIM.

Blackberry Blade is hopefully become the most enemy of the iPhone and Android. The concept is new because no phone was using any of this concept. Just take a look of this Blackberry Blade.

Blackberry Blade Review

This conceptual handset is made out of aluminum and acrylic complete with Gorilla Glass that wll ensure the front display looks just great at all times. It is slightly curved, while the main touchscreen display will slide upward in order to reveal the all too familiar BlackBerry keyboard. Not only that, there are fixed buttons located just under the touchscreen display, not to mention the addition of a trackpad. Other hardware specifications point to a 4.5″ AMOLED display at 720p resolution, running on a quad-core 1.5GHz processor, has a 12-megapixel camera at the back that does Full HD video recording, in addition to a front-facing 5-megapixel camera. Connectivity options include MicroHDMI, MicroVGA or MicroUSB ports, apart from a microSD memory card slot.

I think if Blackberry blade is a truth, it will be such an expensive phone. But Blackberry is not in a good condition right now, do you think it is a good idea to release an expensive phone? We'll see.

Paul McCartney Performance at White House

Whatever your opinion about President Obama, there is no doubt that it has revived the spectacular number and quality of performances at the White House.

Look no further, "Paul McCartney: The Library of Congress Gershwin Prize for Popular Song Performance at the White House," recorded at the beginning of last month and projection on PBS on Wednesday, the fourth power "running" show so far during young administration.

The show opened with remarks by President Obama agitation. "It's hard to believe it has been almost half a century since four lads from Liverpool came to our shores and everything changed overnight," he reflected. Then it was time for a parade of old and young stars to honor the voluminous catalog and McCartney earned this honor.

Among the highlights were in abundance. Stevie Wonder super tight "We can Work It Out" featured a harmonica solo half, while Elvis Costello fairly happy "Penny Lane", boasted a piccolo trumpet solo even more enjoyable. Emmylou Harris shone in an acoustic "For No One." Dave Grohl wore biggest smile of the night as he tore through "Band on the Run." Jack White's offer "Mother Nature's Son" / "That would be" captured some of McCartney medley dreamers charm.

Interspersed with these were among ... not as high. I'm not sure anyone other than Sasha and Malia Obama needs to listen to the Jonas Brothers' jurisdiction if cutesy "Drive My Car." (To be fair, McCartney and Wonder were visibly grooving during this operation.) Random Jerry Seinfeld stand-routine fell flat when he riffed on the songs of The Beatles to stale "marriage, am I right?" shtick. "Faith Hill Long and Winding Road" was a bit corny for my taste.

McCartney was particularly wonderful, humble and humorous. Anyone who has seen in concert recently, I can say that he is still youthful energy all at 68, though his voice sounds a touch rough around the edges here and there. There was a grand old time with songs like "Got to Get You Into My Life", "Michelle" (by the first lady in the audience), "Ebony & Ivory" with Wonder, "Eleanor Rigby" and "Let It Be," the simple transfer of forever. "I do not think there could be nothing more special to us to be doing here," said McCartney, just before the "all inclusive" "Hey Jude" Interactive. "And we're thinking about making it a regular thing. South, could come around. 'If only!

Yahoo messanger alternative

Today, I was wondering some desktop application that I can use for yahoo messenger. I know some apps like tweetdeck and so much more apps for facebook and twitter, but I don't know anything that I can use for chating like yahoo messenger.

When I type Yahoo messanger alternative, I found some forum post that suggest me some apps that told useful for chating by yahoo. The first is ebuddy, hmmm... not a great tool, because that is a mobile apps. So I search again with a different keyword, "lite yahoo messenger", but that's not the best, I still see something from I saw a forum post, very old forum I think, because it containt some messenger apps that we don't use anymore. It don't event say anything like facebook or tweeter, what an old apps I think. So, the app named Miranda. Like a person name right?

Miranda is a lite app, so you still can connected even though you have a slow internet connection. And I think it is free from viruses. Because sometime, my yahoo messenger sending message automatically. That makes me feel so anoying. My friends blame me because when they click the link that sent automatically by my yahoo messager, their yahoo messaenger also sending auto message to all my friend's friend. So, what do you think? It is a great yahoo messenger alternative right?

Watch online The client list true story

Jennifer Love Hewitt has created a tour talk shows last week, the promotion to Monday night TV movie The Life client list, and when they came in sight, and Jimmy Fallon, shook his head Hewitt with the appetite of a girl which, as we know, to sell what it has detained.

Who was also Jolly love the concept of the whole list of customers. This instant-classic-movie schlock life - "inspired by a true story," of course - plays Samantha Hewitt, a former Texas back Queen, mother of three, married to a former local football hero, who falls into prostitution.

The client list has even the issue of life provided one surprise at the end. A local group of women - many of them women of the "customers" forced home, Samantha. After providing an excuse for the refusal was surprised that Samantha they had come, not to condemn it, but some tips to gain space. The true history of the client list is here. You can new movie by to get our menu.