Paul Gray death cause

As we know, Slipknot Bassist, Paul Gray was found death in a hotel in IOWA. Paul Gray's death certainly was not caused by fat embolism syndrome, but many people who think that Slipknot bassist's death was due to drug use. Paul Gray had been using drugs, but her friends say that he is not a drug addict. Police autopsy also found no evidence of drugs in the hotel where Paul Gray found dead.

According to some sources, said that autopsy results from the police still do not show results that caused the death of Paul Gray. Paul Gray had been staying at the hotel for "a couple days," Urbandale Sgt. Dave Disney said, declining advance comment. Gray lived in the close by neighborhood of Johnston.

For the time being, there is still no clear confirmation from the police stating with certainty, the cause of death of bassist Slipknot "Paul Gray". This makes some parties, particularly the fans of metal band "Slipknot", still wondering about the cause of death of Paul Gray.

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