Discotion Pill - Glossy

Maybe I should press the button
Times are making me always wanting to explode
A little naughty girl smoke in vain
Whispering someone’s, “ please believe… “
I would like if you dancing on the chair
You’ll scream loudly, pulling me away
The money talking, wont believe the truth
Take a deep breath, lets play the groove

Would you stand now upon my head
Makes me roaring as you can do

Now I don’t realize
You put me into, feeling glossy
And bad thinking are alive
Makes me wonder, on letting go

With a light white stocking, softly skin
You were slap me, push me to the walls
I take my red rum, spit out, passionless
Caught you naked, topless wet
You said “ I’m okay if you take me out “
Under the palm tree , come on kiss all night
Softly sinner through the bed
One night stand, or one more time

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