Discotion Pill - Rara

I’m trying to keep my heart a sleep
Blinded by The unknown little bird
Make me fly
You stole a piece of mine,
Crossing of the line that I was grew
Falls on you
I never see your wing, Hidden away
Some messages on the phone
Sweet as you
Next Sunday I’ll meet you, stay in line
Don’t make me coming home
Without you
Without you
If it glow in your eyes
(It’s only for me)
And the miss that you kept
(Just only for me)
Please learn to speak
That I will wait for you
If I could tell to you, what I want
Please lay down on my chest
Like the moon and star
Time’s moving all the time, you’re not here
Don’t make me coming home
Without you
Without love
And yesterday seems like tomorrow
No other promise, Just wait for your sorrow
But I believe, cause I believe in you

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