what to know before joining seo contest

Before you decide to join a SEO contest, there are several thing that you should know before joining the contest. Time, money, competitor and SEO it self are the most important thing that you have to consider before joining SEO contest. But if you don't have any will to win the contest, you don't need to read this, (anyone joining a contest without winning spirit?).

Time is the most important thing in a SEO contest. If you don't have any time, better don't join any SEO contest, because believe it or not, you will lose the contest. Just like me, I don't register for the Indonesia Java International Destination seo contest yet, but I took some step to fight on this contest. Maybe I have sometime to work on that contest seriously, so I don't need work so much. No body know.

Money, is also important whether you  are joining a SEO contest. If you don't have enough time to fight by self, you can hire someone to do back link building or article submission. Time is money. But make sure you are serious with the contest if you hire someone. Because if you are lose, that's mean you lose your money too. Just like me, I don't have enough time for Indonesia Java International Destination and I'm not sure I can serious about it. So I don't hire anybody to do this. Even though the price is big enough for me, but I don't know, I won't spare any money for a contest like this.

Beside two points above, competitor is really important to consider. If your competitors looks serious and have more experience than you, you have to consider whether you join or not, because if you are not serious with it, that's mean you waste your time. If you decide to join, so you have to serious and prepare the point 1 and 2. In this Indonesia Java International Destination contest, the competitor is experts on their job. But I think they don't have enough time (point one). Because of that, my blog now on page number 3, yesterday it was on 2. I have to be more serious about it, because there is a chance for me to break through to page one.

The last and the most basic thing is SEO it self. Before joining a SEO contest, at least you have an experience in optimizing a website. If you are not, you have to try it now.


tentangrifai - Astaga.com lifestyle on the net said...

agree with you, SEO contest really takes a lot time to maintenance the content dan links..

Arya Wiradana said...

Absolutely right...

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