Create Scroll Bar without iFrame

If you have fixed size website, but the content is more than you were expecting. What would you do? Would you make a widen website? Or you will use i Frame to keep it fix? I was wondering about it. I used i Frame for my very old website, but that's not good for search engine. I frame is one solution for a big content on fixed size website but I don't use it anymore, because it can affect my website ranking.

Now, I use CSS to make a scroll bar on my fix size website. It's call CSS overflow scroll bar. Search engine really like a website that you create with CSS. Using div is so much better than border. Now, we are going to make a scroll bar using div and its style is overflow.


<-div id="scroll"->
Put your text here


Ini merupakan scrollbar yang dibuat dengan css. Kita tidak usah membuat iframe, cukup menggunakan CSS. Teks ini harus melebihi ukuran kotak div yang anda buat agar scrollnya mau berjalan. Kalau text yang anda buat tidak melebihi kotak div maka scroll barnya tidak akan tampil. System ini baik digunakan daripada menggunakan system iFrame. Karena system i Frame sama sekali tidak search engine friendly.System ini sangat cocok digunakan untuk website yang fixed size. Jadi kita tidak harus merubah ukuran website jika ada text yang panjang.

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