Indonesia Java International to Balinese Culture

Bali has a wide range of cultures. The whole culture in Bali, not fully formed in Bali. Part of Balinese culture, created from influences outside the Balinese culture, One was the influence of Javanese culture. Balinese culture influenced by Javanese culture especially in aspects of language, arts and traditional music.
Ancient Balinese language comes from the ancient Javanese language; it is visible from several parwa, kakawin, and kakidung in Bali. The language used in this literature is the language of Bali which has been adopted from the Java language. Balinese language used by the public Bali today, some of which are still synonymous with Java language.From the perspective of art statues, statues of Hindu Balinese seemed bland, a little fat, stay calm, his eyes half open and looking at the tip of the nose. The characteristics of these statues can be found in the clay stupas which are found in the surrounding Pejeng village and Tiapi. It is undeniable that art statues in Bali are under the influence of art statues in Central Java, the characteristics of gentleness, obesity, etc.  As mentioned above, are characteristics of classical sculpture in Central Java.

The influences of Indonesia java international culture in Bali due to displacement Hindu kingdom in Java to Bali. The defeat of Hindu kingdoms in Java made emigration of Hindu kingdoms brought from Java to Bali and indirectly Javanese culture and mixed into Balinese culture. This causes a lot of similarities between Javanese and Balinese culture., for example, there are a lot of words in Balinese language which have the same meaning to Javanese language like, cokor, sampun, dahar, etc.

There is a modern form of traditional Balinese music, such as Gamelan Gong Kebyar which is dance music that developed during the Dutch colonial period, and Joged Bumbung popular in Bali since the 1950s. Balinese music is generally a combination of various metal percussion instruments (metallophone), gongs, and wooden percussion (xylophone). Because social relations, politics and culture, style of traditional music in Bali influence or affect each other's cultures in the surrounding area, such as traditional music community in Banyuwangi, Java, Indonesia which is almost same with Balinese traditional music.

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