My destination when I don't know what to write

Some time, I have a lot of ideas and it is very easy to write a post on my blog. I don't need much time to finish a single post and maybe more than a post per day. But some time I don't even know what to write even just a post. This condition maybe happen to all of blogger in the world. When it happen they have their own way to solve this problem. For me, I have my own destination to go when heaving this problem. My first destination is google trend and my second destination is news paper website.

It is really suck, if I don't have any topic to write. When it happen I always go to google trend and find out what is today's trend. Normally I pick the hottest trend in google trend. Because, beside of I will have an idea for my new post, it also bring a ton of traffic to my blog. But if it doesn't inspired me at all I will travel to a news papper website.

When I visit a newspaper website, normally I choose a topic that I like. Because it will be hard to write a topic that you don't like. For example, I always pick a weird news. Beside it is easy to rewrite it, it also bring a ton of traffic. Don't you think all the people love something weird?

This time, I really don't know what to say about Indonesia Java International Destination. Because it is about a tourism destination. And I don't really know about this topic.So it will be nice to share about this problem. At last, don't forget to support me on this Java Tourism destination contest.

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