Wear Blue for the Ocean

Two days ago is the day, when we have to wear blue. Why? The goal of Wear Blue Day is to spread the word and generate more support for a strong national policy for oceans, coasts and Great Lakes throughout the U.S. On June 12, 2009 President Obama created a 23-member Ocean Policy Task Force to develop a first ever National Policy for our oceans, coasts and Great Lakes.

Benefits of a strong National Policy include:
  •  Enabling agencies to better address water pollution problems
  • Helping facilitate clean offshore energy, such as offshore wind turbines
  • Designing better and more cost effective coastal and wetland restoration programs
  • Protecting and restoring natural areas to ensure healthy habitats for ocean and coastal fish and wildlife

 I think that is a great idea to save the ocean. Why don't we follow this and start to clean up the beach and our entire environtment. Especially now, when Java is considered as the next Indonesia's International Destination.

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