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I was wondering, is there one reading my blog post. How much is my daily visitor? Or I don't have any visitor at all.If you have a blog on blogspot or others, and you want to know how much and where are your visitor from. Flag counter is a great widget to know them. It is a little bit late for my blog to use it, because flag counter doesn't count your past visitor. It just count your new visitor. But I'm pretty happy. I putted it yesterday, and now, I know  that there are more than 10 people read my blog in a day, most of them are from Indonesia and some from others country.
It will be a great idea if you put this widget on your new blog, because you will see, how much is your visitor since you wrote your first post on your blog. And if you want, you can put feed burner too. They will count how much is your RSS reader in a day. But if you have less visitor, better don't use this widget. I use it just to test my blog. If I don't have more that 10 RSS reader in a day, I will get rid of it soon.

If you want to use flag counter for your blog, just go to and simply copy and paste the code to your blog widget. And it is all done. You will see what country is your most visitor come from. If you have any problem with installation, just ask me. I will be really happy to help you.


real estate information said...

Yes! This is very nice option for calculating the whole country people who visit your site and also calculate the popuularity among all country!!! I really prefer this option!!! ;) cool.

Tata Warna said...

yep is help us to count visitor in our blog..
thank's for sharing..

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