Forgetful man

I'm really sorry, because last time I said that this blog is dofollow. Yes, it is dofollow and auto approve, except for old posts, you have to wait for a moderating. But a view days ago, I change my blog template and I did a big mistake. I forgot to change it back to dofollow. One of my visitor asked me about it. I feel so embarrassed.

I never mind to deceive you, I'm just a forgetful man. But now, my blog is dofollow again. I want to help all Indonesian bloger to increase their position on searh engine (SEO). Because it is hard to find dofollow blogs. Thank you to remain me. I'm just a man who always make mistakes.

FYI: Most of my next post will be posted in English, even though my English is not good but practice make perfect. I want to practice my English, because English is really important in blogging. Especially in blog monetizing. Once again, thank you very much.

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