How to promote your new blog/website

Campaigning your website by registering on social bookmarking is pretty good. But some of us doesn't have enough time to do that (search engine optimization). Another way to promote your website is advertising it. There are a lot of advertising network on the internet. But how to choose the best one?

I'm a new blogger, but from my experience, there are three point that you should consider before deciding your ads network.

Every ads network, must need blogger to promote the advertisement. There are many ads network that allow every blogger to put their customer advertisement like google adwords program. Google allowing almost every blogger to promote their ads. Before deciding to use an advertiser, it is better to register as a blogger, because you will know what is their criteria to select blogger.

The important thing is how much they cost you per ads. Price showing service, but there are a lot of ads network offering great service with a great price. I suggest you to use blogsvertise if you want a great service with a great price. Or you can sign up to Google adwords if you don't have a big budget ti advertising your website.

These days, advertiser website is coming up. But not all of them have known. Try to take a small research to find out which advertiser website are being discussed. Or you can search on search engine with this keyword; "Ads network scam" to find out which ads network is the fake one.


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