How to get visitors for new blog

I've made this blog around February 2009. I didn't have any idea about how would this blog going to be. In the beginning, I wrote a view post about song lyrics, but that's just for while. Than I wrote about technology and about my experience on search engine optimization. But still, no visitor at all. I was getting bored to write articles for this blog. Until I really really stop and left this blog without any new articles.

Until this happily month came. I looked back to this blog, check its Alexa rank and page rank. This blog would have a great future I thought. Rather than make a new blog, I think it is better to start over this blog.

I started to write my first article (first on December). Still no visitor to my blog, until I read an article on my friend's blog. She said, "If you want to get visitors, you have to make a campaign for your blog. I was remaining how to start a campaign for my blog. I continued to read her article, in her article I found the most easiest way to promote my blog. Press release is the answer. Do I have to pay for it? I'm a new blogger, I don't have any budget for it. No, there is a Free Press Release which offer free space for you to share and campaign your blog. I'm having a bunch of visitor from this website. For a new blogger like me, it was really nice to get my first visitor.


Increase Your Traffic With Klikrar said...

wow...nice information about compaign the blog..
thx a lot for sharing this..

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Arya Wiradana said...

Thanks for commenting.
I do. I keep your comment, I think that's all I can do to support you. Hopefully you'll be the winner.


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