Newest Google secret part 2

New is is a relative word for me. If I say this is new, may be you say this is not. But what I'm going to say is a new thing for me. According to my last post which talked about Newest Google Secret Past 1, this is the second past of that post.

Google has some algorithms to cache websites. As I know, there are two ways how Google caching websites. The first is scheduled cache and per post cache. If you have problem, like Google never cache your website anymore, you don't need to worry about it anymore.

If you don't update your website regularly, Google bot will visit your website in a schedule. I don't know their exact schedule but for my irregular updated website, normally Google visit my website once around 15 days. That is not a good thing right?

Nowadays, I found that Google will cache your website soon after you publish a new post (this is new). Even for an old and no regular update blog. When you post a new article, Google will suddenly cache your website/blog. But remember to make atleast one back link for your new post. I prefer to get a back link from digg. So, it will be better to make new post at least once in two days and Google will come to your website regularly.

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