How to increase alexa rank part II

If this is your first time visiting my blog, I demand you to read the first part of increasing alexa rank.(How to increase alexa rank part I). If you are not, than read the rest of this entry. If you want of course.

According to the first post  which talked about increasing alexa rank especially about making a good article, this post would tell you about getting some back link. If you don't know what back link is, BACK LINK is a link that placed on someone website, which will goes to your website or blog, when it clicked. There are a lot of ways to get some back link. But the most back link source that work for me are blog commenting, web directory and forum signature.

One of the most easiest way to get a bunch of back link is blog commenting. There a lot of dofollow and auto approve blogs, for instance, this blog. Just leave your comment and put your website URL, but remember to put your keyword as the name. Be careful if you are using keyword that contain word car rental. Because almost 50% of blog of the world, don't like this keyword,specially wordpress blogs.

How if we use car rental as our keyword? Don't worry, there are a ton of website directory that allow you to list your website for free. Website directory is the most website that work for a keyword that listed as a spam on blog comment.

Our last choice is forum signature. There are many forum that allow the member to put links on their signature, some of the are dofollow. Almost all website is allowed for its link signature, but you have to find related forum. Don't put a signature that links to a porn website on a forum that discussing about technology. You will soon get kicked.

My last point of increasing alexa rank is making your website dofollow, because there are a lot of people wanting a dofollow blog to comment.


fatmaa said...

Thanx 4 ur advice bro, coz ├Čt waz so usefull for me. . . .

Arya Wiradana said...

You are always welcome sis..

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