How to increase alexa rank?

To increase your alexa rank, that's mean you should increase your website traffic. And that's all mean pretty hard. Yes, but not too hard to get it. So how to increase alexa rank? There are three point to increase your alexa rank, first, make a great and useful article, get some back link and make your blog comment dofollow.

Make a great article doesn't mean you have to be a great writer. You can make a good article without being an expert article writer either. So how to make a good article? You have to know what somebody looking for in common. For instance, make an article about dofollow blog list. Because, dofollow blog list is never gone from all blogger search list. Event you don't write it quite right, at least your reader can get your point. Try to straight to the point. As a new comer, nobody would read your article if you are beat around the bush. Do it when you are known. Just like me, I'm trying to get straight to the point. Because I'm nobody.

Try to focus about a topic, for instance you want to talk about SEO, so you have to commonly talk about SEO. It doesn't mean, you can't talk about another topic. You can try to write another topic after finishing a topic. Because reader will get back to your blog if you write it in series. Just make it interesting.

The most taking time in increasing you alexa rank is getting a ton of back link. How to get some back link?
I will tell you about it in my next post. If you have another opinion about it. Please leave a comment.

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