Newest Google Secret Part 1

It may be an old news for you, but is new for me. Last time, about a year ago, the first time I learned about SEO, especially for Google, I didn't believe that our back links should be related to our blog. Because when I tried to boost one of my website, I even never think about relevancy and related content at all. Guest what happened? My blog went up to the top ten for keyword that I wanted. Just make as much back links as you can and your website will comes up. May be some of you believed it from long time ago, but I don't. I wasted my time to find a ton of unrelated back links.

But now, Google is different. Unrelated back links would not affect so much to your website. I can say this, because I've tried this. I made a little test with two website. One of the keyword is Bali web design. I got not more than 20 related blogs, and I put a comment with my keyword on each blogs. On the next two days, I check my website and boom... Now my website is on the second page of for keyword Bali web design. It was on third position before.

My next test using Bali car rental as the key word. I left comments on about 100 blogs but almost 90% of them have unrelated content to my website. On the next two days I check the result on You know the result? Nothing happened. My website was on the seventeenth place and it is now on the same place. I couldn't believe it yet. On the next three days, I checked it again and I hope it get a little improvement. But nothing happened. I really upset to get my website without any improvement. It has a bunch of back links but nothing happen.

In conclusion, I can say that Google would not give you better place if your back links is not from related websites or blogs. Another fact that I found is about google cache. But I will explain about it on my next post.
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